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Iwona is the founder of ARTiSPA® brand and well know in world high level quality of new make-up and permanent make up design and techniques.

As a MASTER CLASS SPECIALIST and TRAINER since start constantly develop her skills by participate on good world trainings, and patented her own new techniques to give best, perfect beauty for her clients. She is famous from amazing make-up's, art bodypainting, nature and individual choose permanent make up's : lips, eyeliner and eyebrow shape, great matched color and 3d technique.

She love big chalenges in the way to perfection.


Very demanding for herself and as a teacher, that's why her ARTiSPA®Team
are well prepared, top permanent make up specialists and make-up artists, that satisfy the needs
even the most demanding clientele.

Best for anyone who wants a totally perfect and individual choose beauty.

ARTiSPA® Iwona Marciniak History




1999: Beauty Academy

2001: Open company and Beauty Salon as specialist in face and body treatments, with passion in art field that give beauty in daily life for her clients.

2001-2013 – participate in many trainings and conferece for develop in beauty treatments, face and body massage, nails design, manicure and pedicure advanced medical techniques, make-up. (eg. Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Wrocław, Ustka, Gdańsk, Opole, Szczecin, Kraków; Achen(Germany), Berlin(Germany), Nice(France), Moscow(Russia), Bologna(Italy), Munich(Germany), Dusseldorf(Germany), London(England), Norwich(England), Stockholm(Sweden), Beijing (China))
2002: LICENSE I - Training in Permanent make-up Long Time Liner - Warszawa,

2003: Maestro - Visage and Style Academy ending with Visage Master class title

2003 - Ending 5 years Study Art on University Nicolas Copernicus in Thorn with title: Master of Art
2006.VI – News in Permanent make-up – practical training- LTL Baltica – Ryga

2006 - Precursor hair by hair eyebrow method in Poland

2007 – Create own Hair eyebrow method - natural 3D ARTIDERM® eyebrow

2007.V - Elite Linergist training in LONG TIME LINER  headquarter – Munich (Germany)

2007 –Permanent make-up training Pure beauty

2006-2008 – EAEA – 2 years School of Make-up and Visage techniqueWarsaw (Poland)

2008: LICENSE II - Medical Pigmentation LONG TIME LINER - Munich
2009: Training Licensee - Munich, License Trainer LONG-TIME-LINER ® in Polish
2010.VII - Elite Trening – Monachium

2010 – Permanent make up advanced training Germany Golden Eye

2010: Body Panting workshop Austria (special effects, Airbrush techniques, Photography)
2011: LICENSE II - High Level Medical Pigmentation

2011: Body Painting workshop Austria (UV techniques, glitter and light show, )

2012: Winning another title advanced Micropigmentation technik- trainer Long-Time-Liner®

2012: Laser Tatoo remover training

2012 Body Painting workshop Austria (airbrush techniques, 3D techniques) Portschach (Austria)



2003: Polish Champion in Permanent make-up (I Place)

2004: Jury on Polish Championships in Permanent make up Warsaw (Poland)
2006: Polish Champion in Color Make-up Teenager (I Place)
2006: Champion in International Championship Intercharm Color Make-up " Sensual businesswoman" (I Place)
2006: Champion in the Polish Championship Makeup "English aristocrat" (I Place)
2007: Vice Champion in the International Championship Permanent Makeup in Moscow(Russia)
2007: Fifth place in the World Championships in Dusseldorf  Color Makeup (Germany)
2007: I Place and the title of Master of International Permanent Makeup Championships in Riga(Latwia)
2011: The jury in the International Championship of  Permanent Makeup in Moscow(Russia)
2012: The jury in the International Championship Permanent Makeup in Saint Petersburg(Russia)
2012: President of Jury and organization of the I Polish and International Championships LTL-ELITE® in Permanent Makeup, Warsaw(Poland)
2012: Leading trainer during the Fair in Paris and Nice(France)

2012: Champion I Place in Amatour airbrush technik on World Bodypainting Festival Worthersee (Austria)

2012-13: Trainer and Elite Linergist in Long-Time-Liner Studio in Beijing (China)

2013: President of jury and organization of the II Polish and International Championships LTL-ELITE ® in Permanent Makeup, Warsaw(Poland)

in addition:
- Since 2009 Main organizer, Expert and instructor on I, II, III, IV Symposium and Workshop of Aesthetic and Medical micropigmentation in Thorn
- Demonstrations master class micropigmentation and has speech at the Permanent make-up Conference and Trade Show in Warsaw, Moscow, Riga, Paris, Nice, St. Petersburg,
- Since 2009, the coach in art make-up and medical camouflage make-up Coverderm, ARTiSPA

- Iwona Marciniak since 2005 is main expert and has written regularly articles for specialist to professionals magazines Cosmetics, BEAUTY FORUM.

ARTiSPA® Iwona Marciniak History

Introduction to Career Iwona is the year 1993. Then , as a teenager she began to dance. But it soon turned out that works not only as a dancer but also as a Makeup Artist . Preparing styling and make-up for performances sucked it so much that without hesitation a few years later chose studies of Nicolaus Copernicus University majoring in plastic Faculty of  Fine Arts . On diplomas she defended  written work  about the art of makeup that include many photos of her make-ups works and documents, how this kind of art influence on change natural look in beauty look, and give person happiness. She decided to continue studying under the tutelage of the most prominent professionals and artists.
Passing a Cosmetics school that gave her the base of understanding the beauty of nature through proper beauty care, through unique techniques of massages, treatments , and care for the harmony of interior and health , together with the appropriate treatment of individual parts of the body.
In the meantime, she participated in the training , which deepened her knowledge of the techniques of makeup , color analysis , selection of scents to color type person , and much, much more. At the European Academy of Artistic Aesthetics in Warsaw, where she graduated with the title Make- Up Artist and Wizard Image. The Maestro School in Poznan , and on many courses and training in celebrity makeup in Poland and abroad.
With a wide knowledge of the world of make-up has created a perfect her own style , which she divided as a coach with the flood of students who wish to pursue their profession well on the successes of masterly level .

Iwona from 15 years of experience in makeup and beauty. She has titles Elite Linergist LONG TIME LINER ® , and International Trainer and coach in permanent make up and medical micropigmentation. One of the two coaches in Poland. She love challenges that teach her, and focused her skils and mind to be high class specialist on her field. In 2003 she start successes with a title Polish Champion in permanent makeup, and after that her carrier develop very fast. Year 2007 is the second place in the Open Championship Permanent Makeup in Moscow , fifth place in the World Championships in Dusseldorf Makeup and first place and receive the title of Master of International Permanent Make-up Championship in Riga. In additional she won Championships that she take part with in make-up and art make-up.
Since 2008 she start to share her make-up and permanent make-up experience and knowledge with specialists. She organize Symposium of Aesthetic and Medical micropigmentation, where visitors elite global specialist in occasional and long lasting esthetic and medical make-up. Since she won first championships she is also a member of the jury at the main Championships of Permanent Makeup and the main organizer of the Polish Championships and International Championships in Makeup Prolonged LTL -Elite® in Warsaw.

For several years, Iwona Marciniak lectures at conferences on issues of micropigmentation aesthetic (in Poland , St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nice and Paris ) as well as an expert works with magazines for professionals.
In 2012 she started cooperation with China, where she is linergist for exclusive clients, as well as the trainer conducts training for new chinese linergist.
For three years, also improves her skills in the field of bodypainting . Polishes workshop , among others, in Stockholm and England, and in 2012 she managed to get the Champion First Place in the category Amatour Awards at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria. Bodypainting , and especially art airbrush gives amazing three-dimensional effects . It's incredible escape from everyday work and give her form of artistic fun.

“After so many years of work I still feel a great joy to see the metamorphosis that pass my clients. I feeling amazing happiness and satisfaction that I can gain their confidence. Watching the changes in their look when after my work they began to believe in their beauty.
I never have enough , and still looking for opportunities to broaden my knowledge and skills in the field of beauty, gaining new experiences, improve technique to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients.”

Iwona Marciniak ARTiSPA® 

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