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ARTiSPA® Make-up on every moment in your life

Wedding, occasion, carnawal, photo-sesion everytime you want
we make that your look will be more amazing and perfect.

Wedding Make-up

​​The most important, unique, charming, highlighting strengths beauty, modeling the shape of the face, discovering color irises. Feminine and ethereal in daylight,
dazzling in the spotlight,
captivating in the evening scenery...


In ARTiSPA® our make-up artists will perform for your make-up at the highest level . Closely monitor the market and know the latest trends in makeup . While working , we use cosmetics tested during multiple sessions . As a result , we know that flawless makeup in the form to continue for many hours. Together with the client we select the color palette , trying to make-up was perfect , both in terms of type of beauty Novemeber and her character.

We offer different types of makeup depending on the circumstances :


Wedding : the bride and groom to expose fresh, bright beauty during this amazing days in life. Before wedding 

Photo sessions and videos. 
Occasional : would be happy to go back to images from the unique moments.
Daily: discover your nature beauty everyday
Artistic : field for the customer 's imagination and make-up artist
Eye makeup : a spectacular setting for the mirrors of the soul
Camouflage make-up : to hide what should not be seen ...


Each touch of the brush and color selection has one goal - to bring out and reborn Unique Beauty ... ...

Occasion Make-up






Photo SESION Make-up


I'm a paragraph. 

ARTiSPA® ART on your face on special occasion

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